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Scott Adair | Owner 

General Contractor



Anthea Adair 
Construction Management & Design 


With  over  28  years  of  building  experience,  Scott  has  worked  hard  to  earn  his  reputation  with  his  customers,  featuring  a  product  of  distinct  custom  homes.    He  started  his  own  company at  the  young  age  of  24  and  has  had  a  booming  business  ever  since.    He has over 30 years of experience in the industry with a wide range of specialties.


Early  in  his  career,  he  was  known  for  performing  every  phase  of  construction.    He  rarely  hired  subcontractors  on  his  projects  and  also  helped  with  the  planning  and  design  of  most  all  projects.  This  unique  quality  has  given  him  a  winning  edge  in  his  industry,  streamlining  the  building  process  for  his  customers.    Scott  has  worked  on  a  range  of  projects,  including projects  featuring  upscale  remodels,  new  construction  residential  homes  from  3,500  to  well  over  22,000  square  feet,  and  commercial  projects  including  tenant  improvements  and new construction  of  a  108  unit  apartment  complex, before settling into his passion of building new custom homes.    His  precision,  creativity,  attention  to  detail,  and  superb knowledge  of  each  phase  of  construction  has  provided  him  with  a  fast-growing  referral  base and positive reputation.


Scott  knows  that  each  home  is  the  foundation  for  that  family’s  lifestyle  and  he  takes  great  pride  in  ensuring  his  quality  and  product  exceeds  his  clients’  expectations.  After  growing  this  exceptional  reputation  in  both  California  and  Hawaii,  he  has taken his expertise  and  knowledge  to  the  state  of  Texas,  where  he  is building custom homes in Dallas and surrounding northern cities.  

Alec Burtness | Field



Anthea has been working by Scott's side since 1995.  She has been a licensed Realtor since 2004 and handles all of the land acquisitions, home sales, as well construction management, and design process.  She assists customers with the initial architectural design all the way through interior finish selection.


The only way Anthea does business is with integrity, diplomacy, and sincerity in all of her dealings. Anthea’s success has also been the result of her attention to detail, strong negotiation skills, fast response, patient demeanor, and dedicated work ethic.  

Anthea knows firsthand what it is like to go through the building process on a personal level and has made a commitment to utilize the latest in technology to run their business, providing customers with the most transparent, smooth, and stress-free building experience possible.   

           My mission is to provide incomparable quality and precision, while providing speed and outstanding pricing.  I strive to maintain a reputation of extreme perfectionism, integrity, and quality.  Because I tend to focus on one project at a time, I am able to maintain consistent quality control.  I don't want my name on anything that is less than perfect.  I have been known to build in the neighborhoods that I live in, because I am that confident in my projects to welcome a knock on the door.  Having happy customers for life is the best reward.


                                                                                                                -Scott Adair

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